CERMI el valor de la unidad 4.32 millones de personas con discapacidad, más de 8.000 asociaciones luchando por sus derechos


Unitary Platform or Disability

"CERMI aims at improving persons with disabilities life."

A permanent activity in favour of persons with disabilities

Representative organisations like CERMI succeed when they achieve advances and improvement for the social group they stand for. CERMI`s goals are getting better living conditions for persons with disabilities, reinforcing the recognition and the protection of their rights, promoting equal opportunities and, in a word, improve their social inclusion and normalization. Those objectives made big progress for disability during the last 12 years.

Institutional recognition

CERMI's first success has been to gather together in one representative platform the disability movement in Spain, which means a major advance in the Spanish disability movement internal cohesion and unity. As a result, CERMI reinforced his role as the organisation point of reference of disability in Spain. CERMI's role as the strong voice of persons with disabilities has been unanimously recognized by public authorities and civil society.