CERMI el valor de la unidad 4.32 millones de personas con discapacidad, más de 8.000 asociaciones luchando por sus derechos


Scope of Action

Non-discrimination and equal opportunities. Persons with disabilities are still being discriminated against. To be treated equally and to be no discriminated is a human rights issue that should be guarantee.

Universal access, design for all and dismantling of barriers physical, communication and mental barriers hamper persons with disabilities full access in social life.

Employment. employment and vocational training are the first step for persons with disabilities to fully participate in society and to be independent and manage their own destiny. Unemployment and low participation in labour market continues to be one of the main problems suffered by persons with disabilities, and the reason to be a disadvantaged group.

Education. Education determines future access to employment.

Tax policy. An accompanying tool in policies.

Health and consumer protection, social protection, persons with disabilities do not renounce social protection systems to be strengthened and improved, in order to protect those persons with disabilities unable to work or to maintain their job.